Imke Schessler-Jandreau for Bangor School Committee

Balanced Compassionate Leadership

Who is Imke?

A wearer of many hats, from mother and volunteer to teacher and entrepreneur.

Balance and Compassion

We can work together to help our children develop to their fullest potential.

Supported Students

Bangor schools are already pretty great, but there’s always room for improvement.

Recent Posts

Checking in …
We are four weeks into the school year, so I wanted to take a moment to just check in. Parents … you good? I know it takes our family a while to settle into the school year routine and I feel like we’re finally in a solid groove. What do …
What a busy time of year!
I know a lot of local candidates are out knocking on doors, attending events, and generally working their magic on the campaign trail. It’s amazing to see and I commend their efforts. I will get to that point … in a week or so. Right now I have PTO commitments …