Supported students are successful students

Supported students are successful students …

If you have kids in the Bangor School Department, you already know that our schools are pretty phenomenal, particularly when it comes to traditional measures of success.  Where I see room for improvement are in the areas of community connection and greater emotional support.  It all goes back to that one mantra of “humans first, students second.”  

So what does this mean?  As a member of Bangor School Committee I would champion projects that would increase opportunities for students to:

  • Engage in Service Learning Projects
  • Work with peer and/or community mentors
  • Explore academic and career options considering both areas of excellence and interest.  

From a community building perspective, I would work to identify opportunities to:

  • Increase parental engagement
  • Improve communication systems
  • Build community partnerships
  • Identify opportunities to enhance Guidance Programs for the purpose of future academic and/or career planning