Checking in …

We are four weeks into the school year, so I wanted to take a moment to just check in.

Parents … you good? I know it takes our family a while to settle into the school year routine and I feel like we’re finally in a solid groove. What do you need for support?

Teachers … how are things going? What help can we (as community members) offer to lighten your loads?

Students … you’ve made it through the first month! Congratulations! Hopefully you’re settling into your routines as well and navigating the school year with ease. I ask the same question to you … how are you and what can we do to make your school year both productive and enjoyable?

As I tell my UMaine students – I’m not asking just to ask … I ask because I actually care. So feel free to send a message if there’s anything you need help with. I’ll do my best to help where I can.